Zooey Deschanel’s typewriters

Ok, so I don’t know that Zooey Deschanel collects typewriters, but after showing up at the Writer’s Guild Awards sporting typewriter-themed fingernails,the typewriter geek community can be excused for seeking out evidence of another big star being a member of our weird little cult. Well, how’s this for further evidence?

Is that a Remington Noiseless?

In Zooey’s current show “New Girl”, she plays a quirky schoolteacher rooming with three guys with various odd character traits (comedy ensues). In the latest episode, she tries to add some of her personal decorations to the apartment, which causes conflict with the neat-freak member of the household. Some of the things she hauls out are three manual typewriters. AHA! OUTED!!! I wonder if these are just studio props or (hopefully) actually Zooeys’ from her (maybe) personal collection. The investigation continues…

A 50's Smith-Corona Silent (Super?) and an early-40's Royal (QDL/Arrow?)

Updated: March 15, 2012 — 8:44 pm


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  1. That might be a Remington #5 portable in the first shot, I dunno. Anyway, I sure hope she is a collector in real life, but even if she isn’t, this (along with the fact that Tintin collects typewriters) makes me feel as if I’m cool and in tune with the zeitgeist. Weird feeling, I’m not used to it.

    1. I think you’re right about it being a #5. I watched the segment again and caught the barest glimpse of the widemouth typebasket, which along with the art-deco-ish domed forebrow suggests it being a #5. Excellent eye!

      The row of 3 typers remained in the room even after the neatfreak pushed over and shattered the Pine Hutch which was the central point of conflict, and remained even in the final minutes of the episode after all conflict had been resolved, so it’s possible that the 3 machines may become a permanent part of the apartment’s decoration. Stay tuned for future sightings. (:

  2. Nice find. Those are beautiful machines.

  3. Funny, Richard! You’ve always been cool – everyone else is just catching up :)

    I agree it’s difficult to positively ID the first typewriter, at that angle. The decal placement tells me it’s probably not a Noiseless, but I can’t say what else it could be.

    Haven’t been keeping up with New Girl, but maybe that will change if they feature more typewriters!

  4. Hrm. This makes for a difficult question. On the one hand, her whole “adorkable” thing rankles me, but on the other hand I’m powerless to resist the allure of a possible fellow scribeomechanic.

  5. This is great! Something tells me that typewriter collecting is about to became a trend.

  6. Very nice. I hope she does collect and use typewriters. Tom Hanks does.

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