Ask Not For Whom The Typewriter Bone Tingles: It Tingles For Me!

Intriguing case, compact and in very nice not-rusty shape!

1929 Corona 4. Corona called this finish "Light Maroon" but it's quite dark.

BTW, I’m a total space case – the proper term for the DuPont finishes for these Coronas is “DUCO” not “Decco“, Hlur.

This is with the flash.

Craigslist ad for "Old Underwood"

1958 Lettera 22 with broken carriage return.

Updated: May 15, 2012 — 1:42 am


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  1. You are so very lucky to find such a nice Corona, even for $85.00. Look at the bright side of “what if you had to buy it on Ebay.”

  2. oh man a round-key 22! That Corona is gorgeous! I only ever spent that much on the Oliver but I totally get it.

  3. That’s a gorgeous little Corona!

    And Tori is a MOST understanding wife.

  4. That Corona is spectacular!!! Absolutely worth the price; I would have done the same. There’s a maroon Underwood Noiseless on Etsy now for twice that and I even dared to contemplate it (and that’s before shipping…). The paint finish also looks flawless in your photos; I am sure it would have gone for much much more on eBay.

    We have one of those – a Lettera 22 with a snapped carriage return lever which turns out to be impossible to fix (the break is actually in the metal) so we use it as is. Not often, but works in a pinch.

  5. That Corona is an amazing find. Beautiful!

  6. I am absolutely MAROON with envy! What a fantastic typewriter day you had! $85 is definitely a reasonable price for a typewriter of this kind, vintage and good condition. I would have snapped it up very quickly, too, had I been in that situation.

    You gotta strike while the iron is hot, and you were totally “in the zone” that day.

    I *LOVE* typewriter stories like this.

  7. That Corona 4 is a fantastic find. Really spotless.

  8. That Corona gorgeous! That model and in that color…
    I wouldn’t have hesitated!

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