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  1. I like “The League of Extraordinarily Pretentious Gentlemen” though. I may have to steal that.

  2. The League of Extraordinary Pretentious Gentlemen, now that is a new organization someone should start.
    I like the cool waitress (oops, in the new modern PC lingo, server)

  3. Well, at least the Extraordinarily Pretentious Gentleman seemed to win that round.

  4. Very nice piece, thanks for posting!

  5. Perhaps the dude should have pointed out that the waitress was using a pencil, which is older than any typewriter. But he was too pretentious. And she was not broke by the look of her.

  6. The Royal 10 is my absolute favorite standard, but it’s unclear why the writers had steampunk-dude use a desktop rather than a portable. Do they think typewriter enthusiasts are actually that “extraordinarily pretentious”, or did none of them bother trying to lift one and realize no one would ever carry one around?

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