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  1. That’s a pretty little Remington!

    And many thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve found the typosphere to be a sharing and hospitable community.

    As for the Ronson, well, isn’t it nice that typewriters are just one of many little gems which kindle our fondness for the past and form bonds between strangers?

  2. It’s an embarrassment of riches, for sure. It’s getting hard to keep up. I find the new ones either when they comment on my blog or when I see them off to the side of one I’m reading. Can’t wait to see what Fresh Ribbon has in store.

  3. The Remie is a nice looking machine. I like that typeface a lot. Happy typewriter day!

  4. Little Jake has an awesome typeface.

    I love how these are all popping up. So much passion, such beautiful machines. Things are certainly going through a re-growth.

  5. Indeed, it’s amazing just how many new typecasters there are these days. I too discover them through comments on my blog, and then I visit their sites and get lost for hours. Every time I feel proud that I have updated my blog roll, I discover a few more… which reminds me, must add Monda back.

  6. Yeah, it gets a bit scary to consider how the Typosphere has grown. I was so sure that I was alone in the world, the only person appreciating vintage, durable stuff. Discovering the Typosphere required a rethinking of my worldview.

    It feels weird that I am giddy over Fresh Ribbon being back in operation. Until Vintage Technology Obsessions popped up, Monda was the closest blogger to me, geographically. Although I’ve probably not made many comments on her blogs, they have always been a joy to read. There’s a natural affinity, there, because she was running a writing lab when I discovered her, and I’m a college librarian. (Our own writing lab is upstairs from here.) It’s gratifying to find someone who, even within the Typosphere, is careful about spelling, syntax, and grammar.

    Streamlines Deluxe is nearly a guilty pleasure for me. The latest updates have been especially enjoyable because “The Maltese Falcon” is probably one of my top favorite movies. Also, I worked in a machine shop for a guy who would buy junk Ronson lighters, rebuild them, and then sell ’em at a hefty profit. They truly are impressive examples of how common things used to be made.

    I wish my Remy Scout was that nice. Yes, I have one, too, but its middle typeslugs are rusty and they produce blurry letters. And, for some reason, mine has Pica 10 typeface. Disappointing, that aspect. Still, I am intrigued by the fact that you have to “turn on” these machines by flipping the side lever, though.

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