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  1. Pets are tricky. My wife and I have sometimes discussed how much we’d pay in vet bills if our cat got sick. We couldn’t come up with an exact figure. No doubt, we’d probably pay whatever the cost (within reason, and after doing some serious number crunching) and the cat would perhaps not show any gratitude. Still, this animal provides much joy to our family. She doesn’t do much, and she is quite demanding, but she looks real nice. I would guess it’s like having a supermodel living with us…that doesn’t speak English (or Italian).
    Commendations to you for going that extra (financial) mile for your cat, Reverend.
    When he’s parked in your lap purring away, that might take the edge off the expense.

    Nice Remington, too. I’ve been tempted to go for one, but I don’t want to add another machine to my collection unless it’s from the 1950s or later.

  2. You did the right thing, you saved that beautiful cat’s life.

    Can’t say I love the noisy noiseless mechanism either, but the typewriters that feature it are beautiful.

  3. does the cat also have a cast on its left front leg?

    i was recently talking to someone about the high cost of pets, especially recently. pet care is a rising industry apparently. and i hope it doesnt get ridiculously expensive and unaffordable like human healthcare when doctors and insurance companies are charging $1500 just for 30 second looksee and a band aid at the emergency room.
    goddamn offensive if you ask me.

    as for the typer: it has a classic car beauty about it alright.

    as for money: we gotta go fight club on all the assholes one day

    1. the cast-looking thing is just the bandage they put over the part of his leg they shaved to put in the tranquilizers.

      Also, I did have serious pragmatic thoughts about what the money we spent on that cat could do for us, like fix my car that overheats a lot, etc. but I just couldn’t bring myself to euthanize a cat when his condition was easily fixed and non-permanent.

  4. The joys and expenses of pet ownership. I think it is all worth it in the end. I never had a cat (for long). Allergy. I have had several dogs and although I sometimes comment I do not miss the vet bills I do miss the dogs.

    That is a fine looking typewriter and the cat is handsome too.

  5. I understand completely. Make sure you are streetwise about low-cost vet services in the area. We’ve had to learn that the hard way. Beautiful machine and cat both.

  6. We were never logical when it came to cat care. We spent a ton of money on a diabetic cat and even gave it daily insulin shots. I’m allergic, so we are cat free at the moment. Daughter 1 wants to be a veterinarian – free cat care! Oh, there is that bit about massive quantities of college debt…

  7. Leila and I have discussed what we would do if Manny or one of the dogs required extensive medical care, but we really cannot make a judgement until that days comes, which it hopefully would not. It really is a tough decision to make, and my condolences go out to you.
    Good luck with Leoben. He looks lovely.

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