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  1. Congratulations on your Adler Universal. I like the carriage return repair. It is like our Ag teacher in school used to say “farmers can fix anything with bailer twine and fencing wire”. Good repair.

  2. So Big Bird beats an SG1? Ooooooh ….

    Writing on an iPad, unless you have an external keyboard, is self-torture. It’s harder than writing on a Corona 3. That’s my experience, anyway, although I have had one student who wrote entire college papers on his iPad.

  3. Interesting observation about some desktops feeling “hollow”. That’s a bit how I feel about my Remington Model Seventeen, although it’s a wonderful typewriter.

    My Royal Model 10 doesn’t feel hollow, however; nor does the Underwood No. 5.

    Your Adler Universal is well-worth keeping, in my opinion. Nice typeface!

  4. Atmospheric photos! Arizona beatnik style and the effort in dragging out a standard is always worth it.

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