Typewriter Platen Recovering: UPDATE – New JJ Short services unveiled!

I got a note this morning from Peter Short of J.J. Short Company – they’ve put up a new page on their website dedicated to the services they provide for typewriter platen and feed roller replacement. That’s right, they now are beginning to offer replacement of old, worn feed rollers!

I’ve had the platen recovered on my 1929 Corona 4 by J.J. Short, and I can state I’m very pleased with the result and can recommend their services wholeheartedly.


Ted—-just wanted to touch base–we posted our new webpage dedicated to platen repair and we are also starting to get into feed rollers.  With the platens I think we can offer a good value even for the individual customer and can offer discounts to repair shops who can send multiples of a certain make or model.  With feed rollers while we can work with the individual customer the prices get pricey simply because of the processes we need to go through to make and then to grind small diameter rolls.  For folks needing feed rollers I am hoping that either through repair shops or possibly even through some sort of web based network we maybe able to aggregate like-sized feed rollers, bail roller and finger rollers so it is more efficient for us to process and thus less expensive for those in need of repair.
So far things are going well.  We appreciate your promotion across your network.  Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.

Updated: November 29, 2012 — 11:14 am


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  1. Excellent!

    Their “contact us” link wasn’t working when I tried it, though.

  2. Right! Now… time for me to get some over there.

  3. Fantastic!
    How much roughly is it to do a whole set of rollers?

    1. Couldn’t tell ya. I only had a platen done and I did a little horsetradin’ with MTE to get it done, so I never found out how much it cost.

      You can contact Peter Short through their website for a quote. If you’re doing all the feed rolls too, you probably will have to send the parts in for a quote.

  4. I’m another one to have a platen recovered there and do recommend their work!

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