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  1. Nice one, Reverend! I almost bid on a Tower President on eBay in October, but when I contacted the seller about postage, she told me it would cost me $568 to ship to Australia. The Buy It Now price was about sixty bucks, but there was no way in Satan’s hell that I was gonna get stung with that kind of postage. I wanted to tell her that she may as well not bother with trying to sell it world-wide, but life is too short.
    Congrats on a nice machine. No doubt you’ll have it running like a dream in no time.

  2. Nice! I have a blue version of that exact same machine waiting for service. It also came from a thrift store, cost $4.00, is flithy and has busted platen knobs. The world is full of strange coincidences.

  3. The President XII I’ve just been working on ALSO has busted platen knobs. I think the problem is that if the carriage isn’t centered, the case easily breaks them when you close up.

  4. I saw one of these Towers at the Bouckville Flea Market last summer, and the seller wanted $25.00 for it. I passed, not recognizing the brand. When I got home, I did some research and realized I had passed on a bargain. Maybe I’ll see it again next summer. Enjoy yours!

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