An Epiphany: Tower Typewriters are 10 years newer than we think they are!

Tower President: Plastic Mainspring housing

Tower President: Knotted Drawband

Tower President: Margin Bell mounting

Late 60's Galaxy-Style Sterling: Plastic Mainspring Housing

Late 60's Galaxy-Style Sterling: Knotted Drawband

Late 60's Galaxy-Style Sterling: Margin Bell mounting

1956 Smith-Corona Silent: Metal Mainspring housing

1956 Smith-Corona Silent: Metal Hook Drawband

1956 Smith-Corona Silent: Margin Bell mounting

Updated: December 17, 2012 — 12:15 am


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  1. Great work.

    I too would like to get accurate Smith-Corona serial number data. I have Classic-12s that no one one any of the groups can even date. Then I confuse myself with the TW-DB as do the numbers with the date start or end on the date listed?

    I refer to your NOMDA book posts quite often. Thank you for those posts.

  2. Typewriter taxonomy! The Corona Genome Project?

  3. Another possibility that strikes me is that maybe SCM built Sears-branded machines with cheaper parts and methods in the ’50s, and then released the 60’s Super-5 Sterlings built using the Sears parts, but that hardly seems likely. They had to have made hundreds of thousands of those Sterlings, and that’s not consistent with a “hey, we gotta unload these old warehoused parts” kind of thing.

    I need to find some old Sears catalogs and dig up some ads showing which body styles were being sold during certain years…

  4. Where can I find the serial number on my 1957 tower president with case? I only see model number 871800.

    1. that’s the Sears catalog number. Open up the ribbon cover and look along the edges of the frame. (:

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