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  1. Fascinating!

    I doubt that this is going to be the next Gangnam Style, but the song is kinda catchy and the video has some visually interesting moments. It shows that typewriters are (a) part of the future, not just the past — here they’re juxtaposed with 3D printing and will.i.am’s own brand of digital camera — and (b) taking off beyond the hipster and steampunk subcultures.

    I dug around a bit and I found Jack Zylkin’s USB Typewriter Facebook page, where he mentions this video and — this is exciting — I got clued into the fact that he now offers a solder-free kit that “literally anyone” can use to create a USB typewriter.

  2. It dawned on me that this can’t be a real USB Typewriter — the kit doesn’t work with noiseless portables.

    1. Ha! So the concept of the USB Typewriter is popular enough that the videographers fudged up a *fake* one for the video? That’s hilarious! :D

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