Mickey Spillane’s Smith-Corona Super-Speed can be yours for only $85,000

Well, ok, the eBay auction includes 200 or so other signed early works and ephemera, but the piece de resistance is the beat-up old Super-Speed that Spillane used to write his early stuff. This is an auction that only Steve Soboroff could love, I guess, and I suspect that price tag might make even that great collector of famous typewriters cringe a bit.

Mickey Spillane and his Smith-Corona

Mickey Spillane and his Smith-Corona

Updated: January 17, 2013 — 10:30 am


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  1. I think they’ve been trying to sell this lot for about a year. Time to reduce the price!

  2. That’s absurd! It’s cool and all, but that’s a house price! So is a Spillane meme going to sweep through next? I read a few of them when I was reading Ian Fleming in 1980.

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