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  1. “Owns 26 typewriters” — what a freak!

    Thanks, this is really neat.

    1. Gotta be more like 30ish now… with some that have come and gone, of course!

  2. So THAT’S what Ryan sounds like. It is interesting seeing faces like your own, and Ryan’s, and seeing them Animated. Just getting to know people through text is always only half the story.

    How interesting. And it looks like there were some cool people there too.

    1. I always thought I should sound like an Englishman, but fate placed me on these golden shores. Thanks to Ted and Tori for their slightly obsessive nature. I was looking for it on EVB Live’s website with little success.

      1. Heh, we found someone who DVR’d it and Tori filmed it on her phone while it played on their TV. Circuitous route, but we got it! (:

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