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  1. No insights on the serial numbers here, just wanted to say that I’m impressed with your diligence.

  2. I’m with Richard. I really appreciate all the work you are putting into this. I find it amazing you have the time and you are staying with it.

    The more I see that Smith-Corona electric the more I think I need to add one to the collection. After I unload a few Skyriters.

    1. It’s interesting work, and there’s the added fun element of hunting down the sources – I’m rather enjoying it. (:

      Also, the charms of these 5TE’s really do grow on you. I was so prejudiced against electrics that the first one of these I got I seriously only considered it useful for the parts it could provide to my manuals. After experiencing the lightning-fast feather-light touch on that example, though, it quickly earned a place in the corral. I need to find a source for the belts though – I think I can fix the shugga-shugga sounds these things tend to make with new belts. I learned enough digging into this green one that I think I can go back and fix the few quirks that the Iron Lady has.

  3. I’ll “pile on” too. Thanks for the effort…………jobs like the one you’ve done can be of benefit to generations to come.

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