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  1. Those keys on that Selectric 721 are the bomb!

  2. Ted, you beat me to the prize. I saw that very typewriter a few days ago and wanted it. Good grab. It is an unusual color for the keys. I think that Julie Andrews had the very same typewriter. I like the original color combo because it makes the keys look absolutly amazing.

    1. It’s not currently the original color combo – at some point it was repainted a darker beige than it originally was during a refurbishing. The second coat of paint is actually a crinkle paint, much less smooth than the original, and flaking in the back. It really could use a paint job again. (:

  3. Beautiful!
    I was thinking of getting a Selectric, but when I found out how heavy it was I think I stopped wanting to get it….
    But this 721 might have just have changed my mind!
    Thanks for sharing ;)

    1. Selectrics are pretty dense, heavy machines and are an awkward shape/size for storing away. The 11″ models aren’t much lighter than the 13″ or 15″ ones because those models generally just have a larger carriage assembly and casing, but the main bulk of the machine inside is identical.

      However, carrying one of these suckers around sure makes you feel like Hunter Thompson in Fear & Loathing :D

  4. Whoa! Those keys really ‘pop’ don’t they! What a lovely machine. I wouldn’t say no to it.

  5. Hi!

    I was wondering if you have any of these blue selectrics for sale?

    1. Nope. they’re pretty hard to find. (:

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