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  1. Some classic machines there! Great looking Royal too…

    Well done! Looks like you guys had fun.

  2. 30 people!! That’s excellent. The Insurgency is reaching critical mass. Soon there will be Remington stores opening up next to Apple stores.

  3. This is really getting my Type-In juices flowing! I’ve been meaning to set one up for the Midwest (Chicago area) and this just reignited the flame. Great turnout – thanks for sharing the pics!

  4. Looks like a highly successful type-in and that everyone had a great time!

    It’s especially gratifying to see kids using typewriters. Earlier this week, we had house guests here in The Woods, including a 10-yr-old boy and 6-yr-old girl. They were fascinated by my typewriters and we spent quite a bit of time writing lyrics to a song on my trusty SCM Galaxie.

    They liked typing so much that I gave them an Olivetti lettera 31, the one I originally thought was a “Dora”. The kids were thrilled!

  5. Nice update, always energizing to see type-in pics like these.

  6. Thanks for sharing the event. 30 people is pretty huge. I hope you had enough machines to go round. It looks like Ryan was snapping away too so I’ll see if he’s posted some too. “critical mass” :-)

  7. Man I wish I coulda been there! I always like to see what people type out on the sheets.
    I’m toying with the notion of staging a type-in up here. Just a matter of picking a venue and getting the word out.

  8. Congratulations for the awesome demonstration of the power of the Typewriter Insurgency!

    That italic typeface and green ribbon is a great combination. Always look under the hood; especially on boring gray machines.

  9. Looks like plenty of great machines and people. I do believe every one had a good time.

  10. Even a decade and a year later, and from the opposite end of the country, it looks like fun! Wish I could’ve been there. I noticed, among the great typewriters and friendly faces, a cup of coffe–and a can of Liquid Wrench. Ambiance, that.

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