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Jeff Wayne's 1978 Disco Prog-Rock Opera retelling of the War of the Worlds.

Jeff Wayne’s 1978 Disco Prog-Rock Opera retelling of the War of the Worlds.


Boozerbear-War_Of_The_Worlds.2007-07-21.mp3 (many parts NSFW!)

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Jeff Wayne’s Musical Verison of “The War of the Worlds”


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  1. The original Burton intro is spine chilling. A match for Orson Wells’s spoof invasion show. I remember cold winter evenings sitting in front of a girlfriend’s stereo listening to Justin Hayward’s Forever Autumn on that LP. I’m sure we didn’t think of it at the time as anything but a concept album. Not sure prog rock was in my vocabulary at the time.

  2. That is a great photo of War of the Worlds. Makes it worth getting the album if one can be found with a good jacket.

  3. I used to play this thing called ‘Zone 3’. It was a game where you ran around in a maze with a pack strapped onto you, and a laser that you would shoot at each other’s packs with to ‘disable’ them. Not a computer game, really life… and it was awesome fun in the 90’s. Often we would do all-nighters, where we would play from dusk till dawn. Often when it was getting late at night, and we were losing out mind from fatigue and exhaustion, we’d put on ‘War of the worlds’, and play for an hour or so with it running.

    Memories. Such awesome fun.

    1. ahh, yes. Around these parts they called that “laser tag” or “photon”. great fun. I think there’s still a photon arena a few miles south of here.

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