GodzillaJesus Checks Out The New Hottie On Floor 23


“Behold, I stand outside the window and knock. Don’t freak out, dudes.” This painting is also sometimes known as “The Snackin’ Jesus” for the resemblance at a distance of Jesus buying a Snickers at a vending machine.

2013-03-26-b 2013-03-26-a

Eww, platen glazed with some hard white crap.

Eww, platen glazed with some hard white crap.

LPS1 to the rescue!

LPS1 to the rescue!

And before I leave the topic, here’s one other bit of Jesusy household decoration that I really do wish I could find in a thrift store…

... umm, yeah. That's not the least bit creepy or inappropriate at all...

… umm, yeah. That’s not the least bit creepy or inappropriate at all…

Oh, and check it out: the Revisualized Snackin' Jesus, from Phancy.com

Oh, and check it out: the Revisualized Snackin’ Jesus, from Phancy.com

Updated: March 27, 2013 — 3:19 pm


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  1. I keep seeing that light switch, and thinking… Oh… dear…

    You know, I’d never seen that painting before. Maybe it is because we just don’t really over-do religious iconography here in Australia, like I have too often seen over there in the US.

    Except at that Greek girls place I went to once… where we pashed on the lounge in front of about a billion staring Jesuses, Marys and other characters. Creepy as all hell. But, her Greek Orthadox grandmother insisted on filling the lounge room with these things.

  2. I’m getting an education today! The light switch must have been designed either by a pervert or by a clueless eunuch. I hadn’t seen the Godzilla Jesus painting before, either. Priceless! I wonder whether it’s as nice as you make it out to be, though; my first interpretation was, “Jesus is rapping on the godless UN and telling them to wake up and convert the entire planet to Christianity — or else.”

    Thanks to Scott, too, for introducing me to the verb “to pash.” (From “passion,” presumably.)

    THe SM7 is an excellent typewriter. You can adjust the shift assist springs in back.

    1. I suppose my interpretation of the religious art of my youth is interpreted through my own filter of attitudes I was raised with, steeped in my own optimistic indoctrination. The message just seemed to be a lot more benign and positive back then, I guess.

      I’m surprised you haven’t run across Harry Anderson’s work in your St. Vinnie’s runs. It might just be a western US thing, but he was practically the Norman Rockwell of the 60’s. He spent years doing magazine and book illustrations, with sometimes unnerving results like this, Plus quite a few all-American Coke ads, before being comissioned by the LDS church to do murals for the Temple. After that, he did quite a lot of religious paintings, including GodzillaJesus and the much rarer Mars Needs Bibles. Truly a classic American artist.

  3. Haha, how insane! “Snackin Jesus” creeps me out, and the light switch… whoa!
    And I thought the statuette of Jesus playing soccer was as tacky as it could get.

    1. oh, hey. check out what I found: The Revisualized “Snackin’ Jesus”, for your edification. (:

  4. I’m jealous! We have plenty of kitsch art to go around here in Kansas City, but I’ve not encountered full scale Jesus. As for the light switch, it’s creepy and that’s why I love it. The garage could always use electrical system beautification/beatification.

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