Populaire, showing tonight at Chez Munk!

I don’t know a lick of French, but Tori has a little so she might be able to make sense of the dialogue. Direct from Amazon France via a long, tortured journey through the international mail system, “Populaire” in French with French subtitles and region encoding that will put my firmware hacked DVD player to the test. Ahh well, at least it’ll be fun to watch the pretty typewriters :D


Updated: April 17, 2013 — 9:53 pm


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  1. You are proving your typospheric enthusiasm!

    From the preview, it looks like it’ll be a visually entertaining film even if the dialogue is a mystery.

  2. that is so cool. Too bad we can’t do a hangout around it!

  3. That’s great, I’ve been wanting to see it.

    By the way, I finally registered as a member of TYpewriter Database. How do I create galleries and upload info? Thanks.

    1. ask and ye shall receive! Welcome Typewriter Hunter Ton the Lo Tek (:

  4. Sooooooooo….. Was it worth the effort?

    1. yes. It’s thick with beautiful typewriter porn. Many machines I haven’t encountered before, such as a black-laquered machine with a glass window in the *back* (as opposed to the old Royals with the glass windows in the *sides*)

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