Added Marques of Talleres Alonso S.A. of Valencia, Spain to Typewriter Database…

…and Richard Polt added gallery examples to almost every one of these rare Spanish marques from his amazing collection. Just six of the 50 or so new typewriter galleries that have been added by Typewriter Hunters this week. Check’m out!


As you can see, I’m now 7th in most recent activity, and I’m almost out of machines from my collection to put in. Soon typewriterheaven will eclipse me in number of galleries, and that’s just counting his collection – he hasn’t even resorted to uploading sightings yet! :D

This is what I like to see! Thanks, Typewriter Hunters (:

Updated: April 25, 2013 — 7:02 pm


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  1. I’m loving this project of yours. I also love that I can repost/facebook/google etc. particular examples.

  2. Alas, I don’t see too many typewriters in the wild, though the ones I have come across have generally ended up being rescued and added to the collection. But the challenge continues – more type samples!

  3. Great to see the project picking up momentum. I’m glad to contribute.

    The old tw-db is an impressive achievement, but unfortunately was never updated, and it never had the interactive component that makes your project so much fun. There have also been two attempts to start typewriter wikis which both promptly fizzled. But I think your database has staying power.

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