Mystery Machine revealed, plus jerkface Brooklyn polititian wants to ensure typewriters are obsoleted!


I guess I threw you guys a softball yesterday with that quiz. You guys had it figured right off the bat, and Will Davis earns the nod for his fast, perfect guess.

See, I thought I was tossing a curveball since I’ve only ever seen this style of case contain the early electric 5TE’s, never a manual, so when I opened this one to find a Silent-Super, I was surprised to see a non-5TE in there. I don’t know the difference between Pink and Coral, so I’m accepting either answer, but those who guessed Silent-Super are right. I also didn’t think to grab the serial number off the frame, so I can’t verify the age, but mid-late 50’s is about right.

Also, this machine is loaded with a black/pink bicolor ribbon.

Now, for the Politician who hates typewriters and wants to scrap all the ones owned by the city of NY because they’re “obsolete”. Doesn’t seem to matter that they’re still around because they are still useful (many things are hard or impossible to do in a printer that are effortlessly done by a typewriter like multipart forms or addressing envelopes, or heck – a cop writing a condolence letter to the family of a crime victim, who uses a typewriter because it expresses a personal, caring touch.) This jerk just seems to hate for the sake of hating. If you live in Brooklyn, please vote against this douchebag:


Brooklyn’s Republican mayoral candidate blasts hipster causes

Well, you know, maybe he has a point. Typewriter ribbons can be very dangerous, as evidenced by this 1986 MSDS Safety sheet included with a box of IBM Selectric 72x ribbons:

ibm-msds1 ibm-msds2

Updated: May 2, 2013 — 9:01 am


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  1. Ooh, a pink typewriter that types in pink! Yeah!

    I won’t even read the article about the politician because I don’t want my blood pressure to go up. What you say about the story reminds me of the law a few years ago that said that books older than 1980 or so (I’m going by memory here) could not be distributed to children because they might contain lead in the ink. This bright idea legally required all used bookstores to stash away their children’s literature in an adults-only section. It was nonsense and had no scientific basis, and this provision of the law was eventually repealed, but not before the mindless attack on the “obsolete” had done its damage.

  2. Coraliscious! It looks like it is made out of icing sugar – a worthy successor to those old painted 3 and 4 banks. Space bar could use some work…

  3. I read the article and completely disagree with the imbicile. I will let it go at that so I do not get on a tiraide. Leave it to politicians to ruin things.

    The MSDS on the IBM ribbon is cool. I think I’ll stock some extra foam and a CO2 extinguisher and even bring my SCBA & gear in from the car so everything is handy incase one of my ribbons ignites. I wonder what one for their mylar ribbons in the cartidge states.

  4. That was just confusing to read. The guy is labeled as a Republican, the party of small-government and often stodgy traditionalism, and yet he is running on a platform of government control over what can be built where and the elimination of reliable technologies. That seems like a pretty progressive, big-government attitude. Maybe we need a third political party for lunatics who can’t decide which direction their abuse of power should go.

    As for the MSDS report, it is clear that rats and mice should not be allowed to buy ribbons… although it would be adorable to see one using a Stuart Little-sized typewriter.

  5. what font, besides Prestige, is used on the page? I’ve seen it everywhere (ex: old IBM manuals, Michelle Obama’s thesis) but cannot find the name anywhere. It is similar to Title PS and Essay PS but not quite there.

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