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  1. I bet, if you got REALLY creative, you could drum up some Kickstarter money for the recovery. It would certainly be a laugh trying! The investor payoff could be shreds of the old rubber and a typewritten letter from the old boy. Oh dear. This started off as a joke but I think I may be onto something….. seriously worth a go?

    1. I’ve pondered a kickstarter, but to fund a paypal account I could use to bid on age lists and documents I occasionally see pop up on eBay to use in updating the database. Invariably, these things show up right when I can’t afford to bid much, and it would be handy to have a couple hundred sitting in a dedicated account just for that purpose.

      The problem with that is I doubt collectors would fund someone else bidding on the documents they might want. Since I don’t particularly want to keep the documents (just long enough to get the data copied) I might be able to work out a deal where it’s known that I’m bidding on certain things and if I win them, they’ll be almost immediately available to interested collectors who actually want the documents themselves for their collection. Could then arrange to have them buy it from me to re-fund the account for the next acquisition.

      Sort of a complex arrangement, and I haven’t delved into it yet, but it’s an idea. (:

      1. I think a proposition only needs 3 elements to succeed: to be reasonable – price-wise; to just chime the faintest note; to be marketed to those as-yet un-chimed. A $10 stake from a reasonably sized bunch of people could set you on a righteous path.

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