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  1. Quick suggestion. When you read that book, have a map of Queensland handy. They mention a lot of towns, and it will give you more of an idea.
    Also, to give you an idea of scale – to drive the full length of the coastal road in Queensland, it is pretty much a 5 day drive. And that is on modern roads on modern cars. Most of the Queensland highways were dirt roads during the era that most of that book is set.

    1. I’ll have to dig up a map and print it out. I’ve already checked out the back of the book (photo section) and seen these guys driving ex-military trucks through bogs, so I can imagine it took them quite a lot of time and effort to get anywhere. First chapter already mentions a bunch of towns that Robert Messenger just traveled through and blogged about on his long reunion trip, so I sort of am getting a feel for the scene of the action. (:

  2. This idea of backing up data on paper had never occurred to me! It has got me thinking.

    Beware the dactylophobes!

    1. Hmmn. I was trying to coin a word that meant “typewriter hater” but I think dactylophobe is probably more accurately translated as “fear of fingers”. I still like it though, unless someone comes up with a better one. :D

  3. excellent post! i will try that binary gizmo soon! also great news about the badge, i remember that.

  4. Hm, that part of engraving a message made out of binary sounds like a plan! Too bad I don’t have any birthday’s coming up soon. But I’ll repost the link to our local hackerspace. I’ll bet we can think of something to do with it.

    Congratz on finding the badge again. You must’ve had a good laugh together, stupid thing being in reach for all this time!

    1. The possibilities are interesting if something like this this electronic tattoo system are improved with better resolution. (in case you were thinking of getting a tattoo for your birthday) :D

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