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  1. How’s this for a hypothesis – they made a large run of script guts at the beginning of the model in the early 60’s then only slapped a body on when they had an order so the shells look “current” while the numbers are out of sequence.

    I will have to go look at mine again and compare it tomorrow.

    1. doesn’t quite work. 1960’s Galaxies have the serial number engraved on the side, under the ribbon cover. 1970’s models have the serial number engraved on the bottom, visible through a window. This one is engraved on the bottom.

      1. It was worth a guess. The classic 12 is my only script machine that is substantially different from “regular” in that the linefeeds and ribbon selector were also altered for the larger type. All the others the only difference is the one key.

  2. Yay Bone!

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a ’60s machine, but 1961 seems awfully early given details like that padding on the return lever.

    I read somewhere in the typosphere that they came from the factory with that dumb masking tape. Maybe it was part of the packing procedure and many owners never bothered to remove it. Then it turns rock hard.

  3. Very nice find! Congratulations!

    I have one of those too. I really like it, but my platen needs recovered. The hollow aluminum core makes it sound really loud even though the rubber is not hard as a rock.

    Serial numbers can drive one batty on those machines. I have a regular pica one and a script one. My Script Classic 12 is 6LTV-309575. The only reilable date I was able to get was 1970 from Jay Respler. Everything else either made mine an early 60s or 80 something machine.

    1. Mnn, that probably means mine is around 1969-1970. That’s helpful! :D

      Yeah, the Galaxies all seem to have a hollow-core platen which contributes a lot to the not particularly pleasing sound that all Galaxies seem to make. I wonder if you can eliminate much of that by stuffing the the platen core full of felt? I may try that, because the sound is really the only thing I don’t like about Galaxies.

  4. I’ve got a Classic 12, grey color; serial number 6LTV-271937. My Dad gave me this typewriter around 1976. It’s in great shape. I want to start using it again. However, the power space button doesn’t work anymore thanks to a “repair shop” that I had brought it to around 1981. Other than that, the machine works well. I’m looking for a service manual for this typewriter and would appreciate any leads to where I can get one. Thanks. P.S. Interested in date of manufacture as well.

    1. For a service manual, try eBay or the Yahoo Portable Typewriter Forum. for the exact date on a 60’s model SCM, you’ll do best to ask Jay Respler directly in the Yahoo Portable Typewriter Forum:

  5. Thanks a lot for the info.

  6. I just ordered one from shopgoodwill. Hoping its script

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