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  1. Ha! take that snoops! I tend to just write with such banality the poor bastard assigned to me has probably been fired for sleeping by now.

  2. Use some sort of cipher and you can get those NSA boffins quite hot under the collar.

  3. I know, red ink on red paper. That should keem them hunting.

    I too miss FossilsWithoutFear. Kind of like, why have a blog if no one can read it.

  4. I didn’t miss fwf… until you brought it up. Practically illegible but nice posts. The casual language of the carbon paper lesson is really good. It almost reads like someone was saying it out loud. A middle aged, though not unattractive lady with horn rimmed glasses and a winning smile is my guess.

    1. I have a few of these “folding-top-bound” style typing textbooks that I’ve picked up at thrifts, dating from 1940 through this 1970’s one. This 1972 one is the one I would use if I were to actually attempt to learn the art. Created during the educationally-enlightened early 70’s, when classrooms were “pods” and there seemed to be a steady stream of “experience-based” learning, this one is written in easy language and contains a logical structure to alternating doing new tasks with reviewing recently covered material and quick speed drills. The Olivetti-Ad style illustrations are a bonus, and I’ll be excerpting more of this book in future posts.

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