Thriftin’ trip to Tucson, Kon Tiki again and wedding ring tattoos! (:


Formula 5 1:4.5 85-210mm zoom telephoto lens with pristine case, and you read that right - $2.50 :D

Formula 5 1:4.5 85-210mm zoom telephoto lens with pristine case, and you read that right – $2.50 :D


Kon Tiki was our lunch stop again – they were having some sort of Luau event, and we got our “United States of Aloha” Passports. If we drink every cocktail they serve, we get a swag bag.IMAG4025-1 IMG_3937 IMG_3941 IMG_3948 IMG_3956 2013-08-25-4 2013-08-25-5 IMAG4032 IMAG4030-1 IMAG4027-1-1 IMG_3974 IMG_3997 IMG_3999

Vampire barbeques a wonderful dinner of marinated chicken, sweet potatoes, grilled banannas, pineapple and other fruits. Deee-lish! :DIMAG4035 IMG_4056 2013-08-25-2 IMG_4012 2013-08-25-3 IMG_4034

We ended up not hitting any other thrifts Sunday, not enough time. Here’s my Google Map of the non-Goodwill Tucson Thrifts, in case anyone wants to try hitting them all.

Updated: August 25, 2013 — 9:25 pm


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  1. Glad you and Tori had a wonderful weekend. Your food looks delicious!
    Sorry about no found typewriters. It is the same where I live; no typewriters.

  2. Mmm … your posts are so often chock full of color, flavor, sensation, and atmosphere. Thanks.

  3. Great Blog Entry. Haven’t been down to Tucson in a while. I’ll have to make a trip one of these weekends, but it always seems like we’re “over-extended.” I also have to make mention of writing a blog on a typewriter, and then (I guess) scanning it in. Classic. My high school and college years were spent in front of a IBM Correcting Selectric II. My Father-In0Law had an old typewriter (manual) that I broke out a few weeks back, just to see if I could still do it – yes, I can. The feel is so much more “tactile” than this Apple iMac keyboard, which has almost not “touch” at all. Happy Hunting.

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