Timelapse studies: Strawberry and Grapefruit

Shot with a 1984 TRS-80 Model 100 and a 1996 Canon Powershot 600:

And for those who like seeing sunbeams spin by, here’s a grapefruit study I did many years back. Includes free bugs and an occasional bird darting in to grab a tasty bug to eat :D

Updated: September 15, 2013 — 11:29 am


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  1. Not sure if it is my OS or FireFox, but the video dispalays unsupported format.

    1. May be that I rendered them at too high a resolution. I’ve re-rendered them at the same resolution as the first one.

  2. Very cool. I’m also amazed that the program was still functional after all these years.

    Kids today don’t know how good they have it with their Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices. Back in the day, guys like Ted used to program in the middle of blizzards while walking uphill for miles on the way to school.

  3. That’s really neat, especially when I slide the indicator back and forth on the strawberry video — it’s like a heart beating …

  4. Running fine in iPad. Great job. The insects are a high spot on the grapefruit sequence. Coming soon, meat and maggots?

    1. Currently shooting a 180 second interval set of a potato in a bowl of water. Meat & Maggots would be quite messy and I don’t have anyplace suitable to set it up. (don’t really want rotting meat and flies on the porch) :D

      I’m kind of beating myself up for passing up a busted-up Meade high-end telescope at Goodwill a few months ago. The scope itself was broken and useless, but it had a beefy computerized tripod with the control module that allowed slow, controlled tilt & pan, which would have been really useful for adding movement to timelapses (panning across the sky or the horizon smoothly, etc). Sadly, the P600 is far too slow to make use of the old standby of adding mounts to a mechanical kitchen timer (would need a camera that can do intervals of 5sec or less to make that work.)

      1. They have a name for those telescope mounts. Azimuth drive? But I also came across a step-motor driven programmable panoramic mount when I was researching the most suitable pan head for my purposes. I like the idea of using a clockwork escapement though!

        1. Ahh, that’s it! I’ve seen other solutions, such as the Radian and Astro, which look interesting but only tilt *or* pan, unless you have two of them. The Azimuth drive tripods for telescopes do both, are cheaper and sturdier (a quick pricing of used ones on craigslist suggests a budget of maybe $120-150 will do me, when I have some spare cash). The cheapest of all is the Ikea Kitchen Timer, for pan only and limited to one speed: 360 degrees in 1 hour. Sadly, the Ikea timer is far too fast for the slow P600, but it might work with the 20D for short-interval sets.

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