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  1. In my case, there were many years between Day 1 and my obsession. Boy, but when it hit, it hit. Now I’m considering visiting a typewriter convention. Good grief.

    1. Heh, I just got my postcard for that in the mail today. Wish I could afford the travel – have fun up there! (:

  2. Do it! Do it!

    I have a NaNo idea, although it’s not going to be 50K words.

    1. Well, you’re already writing a book on the Insurgency, so you kind of get a free pass :D

      Although, I wouldn’t mind reading a short that’s as good as that Gilgamesh story you did a couple years back. (:

  3. The famous internet search for typewirter information. It’ll let the bug in and bite every time.

    Congratulations and Happy Third on your blog!

    Back in 2010 I had one sole and lonely SCM Classic-12.

  4. Oh, I forgot something: NaNO — Go For It!

  5. Very familiar! Although my blog already existed, the subjects of the posts are now mainly typewriters.

    Happy third blogiversary! Can’t say much about NaNoWriMo, I haven’t found my Rhino yet. And if yours is lost, maybe you need to look for it another year?

  6. The path to addiction looks so familiar. I’m happy to contribute to the corruption of the innocent with photos of my own!

    I never had the desire to do the 50K sprint. Time is a short commodity for me and November a heavy travel month with GreenBuild. I’ll be doing well to post some photos to G+ communities and spit out a couple blog entries.

    Good luck, should you opt to take the challenge.

  7. Been typing my novel outline for several weeks now. Using a sweet Hermes Baby (plastic version) that sits on my lap very well, as I repose on my LazyBoy. I found that an outline makes it much easier to do the Nanowrimo thing. If you have to invent from scratch daily it can be a long difficult haul. Do an outline!

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