One Stormy Night – This Quiet Village Mix

Earlier this month I did another “One Stormy Night” mix while pondering the breakup of some friends of mine who have been mentioned at various times in this blog. She is the one who found me an Underwood Golden Touch right when I was jonesing for one a couple of years ago, and he is the fellow whose Royal #10 came into my care for a short time to be brought back into functioning shape last year. I am sad about this breakup, and music is an effective way to control mood, thus this mix. It starts out slow and sort of sad, and then launches into something weird and watery to break the sadness into manageable, bouncy chunks. From there, we sweep the bits away with waves of guitars then put a little dance in your jimmy for a few songs, then end on something drivingly powerful that steam-cleans the soul and leaves you a little spent and happy at the end.

For some reason, this mix reminds me of a never-before-shown typecast I did on “Moneypenny” back when I only had 3 typewriters (1996, prolly):


Updated: April 11, 2024 — 12:34 pm

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  1. I’m sorry this is a sad breakup in your circle. They aren’t always – a friend just remarried a few years after his obnoxious wife of 20 years left him. He should be much happier the second time around.

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