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  1. Very nice font set. It looks nearly like Hermes Epoca. The special characters are neat, like it was made to write Spanish or French.

  2. Ooh, I’m so proud, I guessed French Canadian because of the $ and the French accents before I read your ID of it!

    1. *bows* before Jedi Master of keyboard identification :D

  3. Let’s face it, it isn’t JUST the red cap that’s cool. Your Selectric is a right-handed machine and everyone knows Hendrix was a southpaw.

  4. Back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when computers were beginning to find their place in offices, there was a huge need to convert mountains of existing paper documents into digital files. OCR was in it’s infancy and many OCR scanners could only read known character types. The Hendrix OCR character set was designed specifically so the scanner would positively identify the characters. It was thought to be cheaper to use existing equipment (Selectric typewriters) to draft the information and then scan it into the word processors for editing, thus utilizing the remaining life of the typewriters and avoiding retraining all the typists to use word processors. As word processors became more affordable and more users were trained, the need for OCR gradually diminished.

    See the links about OCR back in the day in this post:

    1. Neat! well, now we know what it looks like (:

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