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  1. Nice typeweriter. Overall it looks like it works fine. I have the same problem with letters stacking on top of each other with all my Olympias. If I go slow they work fine. The only machines in the collection with that problem.

  2. Ahh, a whole room to fill, gradually, with typewriters and other delights.

    (By the way, that Selectric II that I got for $1 is busted. A sad click-clacking came from the center of the machine and then it cease to function altogether. I think it’s for parts. And I got some ribbons and elements with it, so it was still a bargain.)

    1. oooh, bummer. “Click-clacking then stop” might be the dreaded plastic drive gear giving out, but also just could be a belt. Ahh well, a parts machine can come in handy. For instance I consulted Bill Wahl, and he assures me that the tilt band from the $5 yard sale 721 will work in the 851, so that poor $5 fellow’s gonna end up a donor. I think the “Personal Typewriter” deserves it.

      Watch out, or you’ll be learning the Byzantine working of the Selectric yourself. :D

  3. I’m glad the QDL has a nice, new home. I felt horrible letting it sit in its case.

  4. Nice machine, Ted! I just finished a post on my ’46 QDL and was reminded of the fun that goes with the ‘soft left margin’. That was sarcasm, by the way. Still, a great typewriter to use, despite its ‘personality’ at times.

  5. You are really lucky with that desk! Always some extra space to put a typewriter.

  6. I like it. And it looks like it belongs there. Nice machine.

  7. nifty room! Nice to see the QDL with pride of place.

  8. Yes, very attractive typewriter. Hope I come across one of these.

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