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  1. Brilliant thoughts. I’ve been over-using that word lately because it’s so brilliant.

    Is that Hermes Petite Pica?!?! Whether it is or not, I love the mildly-squashed look.

    I have one question/observation. I typically use Safari to save my passwords but it doesn’t work with the Typewriter Database. (Only Paypal and my credit union prevent password saving other than this) Is it intentional?

    1. It is Hermes Petite Pica – good eye there (:

      The Safari issue is probably an artifact of the fact that I use javascript and hidden fields to make the labels appear inside the boxes. The “password” box doesn’t actually exist until you click on it. This doesn’t seem to bother Firefox, Chrome or IE, but it probably does Safari. I don’t actually have Safari, so I can’t check.

      1. A delightful typeface that has eluded me for quite some time. It’s nice to see it in use. :D

        Before I used Safari, I used to use Opera…talk about having even more compatibility issues!

  2. I added 2 more – that’s all I got (unless something else turns up between now and the New Year. :)

  3. We’ll get to 1000 galleries, I’m sure of it.

    1. Ohh, I think you could get us there yourself, but that’s a lot to ask :D

      1. Just created TWDB gallery #900 for my Sholes Visible!

        1. Only 100 more to go. Dare we hope for a Christmas Miracle? :D

          I wonder who will upload #1000, and what machine it will be. #900 is a wonderful one!

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