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  1. Hopefully you can get a ribbon cover to match! A bit easier to fix than that carriage return lever on the Studio 45 I had to leave behind.

    There were two different styles of ribbon cover, one with and one without the Olivetti Studio 45 nameplate. Since yours has the name on the paper table, it would look best with the plain ribbon cover.

  2. Whoa, that 5-year guarantee is making my head swirl. Psychedelic!

  3. I have one. Can post it to you for free. Email me an address. I will send you an image. But it’s an Olivetti, not Underwood-Olivetti. Does that matter? In fact, I could send the entire mask if necessary – spare parts machine!

    1. Wowser, the Typosphere comes through again, in a matter of scant hours! :D

      Email sent, and thanks so much!

  4. Before Robert dived in with his generous offer of the real McCoy, I was wondering how hard it would be to make one yourself out of 2mm sheet aluminium. No compound curves, just radiused bends and if you started with a card template and could find a way of making fixing lugs…. well, just a thought.

    1. probably doable, but I expect Tori’s going to want this one when she sees it. (pretty colors, great action). Robert’s Olivetti mask will make her very happy, I think (:

      (heh, I’m taking advantage of the fact that she only reads my blog every few days, so I may still be able to surprise her) :D

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