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  1. Next time I’m out I really need to stop by Goodwill for another stapler. :D That’s a cute one.

    1. Yes, staplers strike me as a cheap and space-effective collecting opportunity. I don’t think I’ve seen a stapler at thrifts go for much more than a buck, and there’s usually a pretty nice selection.

  2. You need a Fifties Triumph Perfekt to go with the colour of that stapler, Ted. Nice desk set too. Be sure to soak the fountain pen nib assembly in warm water for an hour or so to loosen any dried-out ink deposits in the nib. Should write quite nicely.
    And I like the tape dispenser. Must weigh about the same as a DeSoto. No risk of slippage with that one.

  3. I am deeply, deeply suspicious of anyone who keeps such a tidy workspace.

    1. Oops! That was meant for Rev. Munk’s post!

      1. The shooting studio one, like.

  4. Just getting to these posts, that is a nice couple of finds.

  5. I like the super old looking tape dispenser too!

    1. The tape dispenser is some utilitarian model built by Scotch probably back in the 40’s. Steel-hulled and filled with some sort of hard-epoxied sand, it’s about the size and weight (and ugliness) of a brick. It’s been in my family since the 70’s, and has seen much battle wear, but still troops along.

  6. Help! My lovely stapler that is the same model as yours is stuck in the splayed style stapling and I want my pidgeon toes back. I opened it to load staples, I must have hit something wrong. Any ideas?

    1. That would be the Anvil setting. do you see the silver humpy thing on the bottom half of the stapler just below where the staples come out when you staple? that’s the anvil, and you can push it forward and back to change the interfold/exterfold setting. it just clicks back and forth. (:

  7. I have one of these. However, I’m at a loss as to how to switch the anvil to pigeoned position. I have been using the splayed and find it unsatisfactory for my purposes.. Can anyone help?

    1. I have one as well. Just checked mine. The anvil just slides back and forth.

  8. got it! yea! thanks

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