Typewriter Database Report: only 7 more galleries left to reach 1000! :D

That’s right, there’s just over a week left until the new year, and the Typewriter Hunters are about to smash through our goal of 1000 typewriter galleries like a football team through a Gatorade banner – probably before Santa saddles up Rudolph for his annual reverse burglary run. Just 7 more to go!

In examining the latest entries, you’ll note that I worried for naught about Michael H.’s photoless entries from the import we did from his personal database. He’s uploaded more than 30-odd photo galleries for the imported records in the past couple of days, and just has 14 more to go, so no big swath of photoless galleries in the database! :D

This spurt of photo uploading has resulted in Michael’s rise in the Hunter Score Rankings to number 5, handily sprinting past Richard Polt and Rob Bowker, and nipping at the heels of Tony Mindling, who has been keeping up a solid pace of gallery uploading himself. Mr. Hoehne will be challenged to pass into 4th place easily. As for me, I only have one new machine to put in, and haven’t taken pictures yet or scanned in my typesample, so I may not make it under the wire myself to be in the running for #1000, depending on how fast the rest of the Hunters act today. (:

So, thanks again, Typewriter Hunters! you’ve really made the Database hop this month. If you are a fan of seeing lots of fun typewriter pictures, then come see all the new ones at:


Updated: December 23, 2013 — 9:31 am


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  1. Hot dingety!

    Curses, Mr. Hoehne! We’ll catch up! Arrrr!

    I see he hasn’t yet uploaded a photo for his own profile. :)

  2. More edge of the seat than Raiders of the Lost Ark. Sheer momentum must carry the numbers up to 1K.

    1. just as your replied, #1000 was uploaded (:

      1. We should aim for 1111 by the end of the year now. ;D

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