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  1. That is quite an impressive toy.

  2. The exclamation mark is very playful.

  3. I love your lighting on the first shot. It really gives the whole thing that 70’s feel of where the era that it came from.

    Interesting little machine indeed!

  4. Pretty darn cute, and it types much better than a Tom Thumb.

  5. It’s definitely got something going for it!

  6. I had some Buddy L toys (metal trucks and cars) when I was a child, but never knew they made a toy typewriter. It’s the first of these I’ve seen.

  7. I recently purchased an “easy writer” 300 childrens typewriter. It all looks good but the right gear-reel is absent. I try now to find a ribbon in order to type with this machine. If anyone knows where to get a ribbon, please give me a hint in my guestbook at http://www.brightman.de.

    1. I was wondering if you found a ribbon. I received this typewriter as a Christmas gift as a child. I found it while cleaning out a closet at my Mom’s. My 7 year old son saw it and wants to use it. My right gear wheel is also missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. The Buddy-L takes a regular typewriter ribbon. As for the gear wheel, I have no idea. (:

        1. You can buy “self contained” paper, that has a coating that turns dark when written or typed on. It is sold by specialty paper stores, but quite expensive. It is the same paper used for duplicate checks or deposit slips.It does not require a matching set of papers. I used to carry a sample of it with me when I went shopping for a typewriter at thrift stores.

  8. Dear Reverend Munk,

    Do you have any advice on adjusting the vertical alignment on the easy-writer series?

    Most of my strikes are missing the top half of the letter on my 2600. The internal set up looks the same as your 300.

    Any advice would be greatly aopreciated.

    Kind regards,

    1. heh, nope. I doubt there’s an actual adjustment for that on a Buddy-L

  9. I have a “easy-writer” typewriter 300 LTD – made in Japan – USA and Foreign Patent Pending – I need a typewriter ribbon for it.

    1. it takes normal ribbon, or even calculator ribbon. you just have to wind the new ribbon onto the old spools.

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