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  1. Nice feature. Will make it a good way of bookmarking in-site what machines I find interesting.

    I like that pen, too.

  2. I have successfully replaced sacs in Esterbrooks and others.

    The nib on Esterbrooks is a simple right-hand thread, as expected. If it is very hard to turn, soaking in warm water (maybe with a bit of ammonia in it) will tend to loosen dried ink and to expand and sorta lubricate the threads. Should unscrew right out pretty easily, no tricks. Just screw the replacement nib right back in. Be prepared to deal with ink on your fingers and don’t hold the pen in a writing position with ink in it without a nib in place.

    Sacs are supplied long, so once you have one of the right diameter, hold the pieces in relation to each other to estimate how much to cut off. I suppose a sac spreader might help in stretching it on but I have managed without. You could try rolling it back on itself and then unrolling it onto the section, which you have already shellacked. I use regular hardware store shellac. Let it set overnight before filling.

    The talc is for lubricating the sac when reinstalling into the barrel and when the filler bar rubs it. Use _plain_ talc, not perfumed baby talc, which has questionable chemicals in it, and definitely do not succumb to the temptation to use the similar, more readily available cornstarch, which is hydroscopic and will cause gumminess and rust on the springbar. My small-town drugstore doesn’t have plain talc but there’s no problem getting a pool cue chalk that I can shave some from.

    Funny how some of us can’t spend two minutes in front of a technology without having to experience it and learn all about it, eh?
    == Michael Höhne

    1. that’s very much the ham radio ethos – “If you can’t open the cover, it’s not really yours.”

  3. Congratulations on finding the pen problem. Too bad the sac was shot, but good it was because now you can install a new one.

  4. All this talk of ink and sacs makes me think you’re dissecting a squid.

  5. Hard to find a gallery I don’t like! But I guess it’ll be useful for maintaining a list of favourites.

  6. I need to revisit my few fountain pens. I want to get some interesting colors for them though.

  7. I have an Esterbrook desk pen sitting right here and I love it. They are great pens.

    1. Ahh, well, I’ll have spare replacement sacs in a size that fits most Esterbrooks. If you need one, let me know. (:

  8. So now I have no excuse in hunting down my old Osmiroid (must have been a gift in the 60s). I’d assumed the ink sack, once perished made the pen a write-off. I just need to remember where it is…

    1. Nah, there seems to be a thriving community of pen restorers, and it’s a pretty simple machine – The size makes it delicate work, but satisfying in the same way that typewriters are. Replacement sacs are about $2 each.

  9. Good day, sir!

    Speaking of new features, has anyone raised the addition of machine dimensional and weight data?

    I am faced with the lovely problem of working out how to get an Adler Universal 39 home with me – as I am out of town on a business trip. I am contemplating carrying the machine onboard the aircraft and either stowing it under the seat in front of me or in the overhead bin, and I realized that I have no idea if it will even fit (as I have not yet picked up the machine).

    Dimensions and weight data per model could be very useful – especially when estimating shipping etc. HINT HINT HINT X-D

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