No tear gas cannister or throwing knives, but…

I’ve been on the lookout for a nice attache case with a blotter/writing desk section built in for awhile, they’re somewhat rarer in the thrifts than I expected them to be – but persistence pays:

IMG_5798 IMG_5796

The bottom part has an expandable accordion section, so while a Hermes Rocket/Empire Aristocrat will fit when it’s set at it’s skinniest, I can also unsnap the expansion to allow a taller machine like a Brother JP-1 to fit. My AR-7 is in storage, so I couldn’t test whether or not I can go “full Bond” and fit the proper collapsible rifle in there, but I suspect I can. Q would be proud, I think.

The writing desk section is removable, and has “blotter pad” style paper holders on the side that very nicely holds a small stack of legal-sized cotton bond paper for writing/sketching, and for once, little kids in the thrift store didn’t screw up the lock combinations, so I can actually lock/unlock it.

The foam blocks keep the Aristocrat nice and snug, but I may eventually replace them with some sort of padded leather pencil boxes for more storage, if I can find a pair in the appropriate size, color and style. Sadly, I did not find 50 gold Sovereigns hidden in the lining. That would have been nice. (:

Updated: February 18, 2014 — 8:44 am


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  1. This case is amazing! Especially for something found in a thrift store. Clean and well taken care of. Congratz!

  2. Very nice! I need something like that for the Lettera 22. Those blue leather Olivetti cases always seem to have a broken zipper.

  3. Brilliant…… I like what I see!

  4. Great case! I’d love to see the look on people’s faces as you sit down, open your brief case and start typing!

  5. Ohhhhhh myyyyy, that is SOVERY COOL! :D
    I think I’ll have to get that faulk leather medicine bag now thank you.

  6. That’s very nice! I frequently see briefcases in the bins (a dollar each!), but if the locks aren’t broken they are locked with no hints as to the combination. The ones I can open are not as nice as that one. Love the blotter especially.

    1. p.s. check the bottom for the gold sovereigns.

  7. essential kit for the typewriter insurgency!

  8. Nice! I can see a Lettera 22 fitting in there too.

  9. If that briefcase isn’t the perfect edition to a pin-striped suit, then I don’t know what is. That’s awesome!

  10. Tanya will love that.. just don’t turn the latches the wrong way!

  11. Paul & Patricia Bentkowski

    found one of these in a thrift shop. but having been googling it and you site here had it… mine is black though. Do you know who makes this and anything about it. Mine is in perfect condition.

    Please email me back if you can: thank you

  12. Amazing case. How you get the idea to design it like this?

  13. I’ve been looking for something EXACTLY like this for a mobile writing desk. Do you happen to have a brand name or something? Maybe a model or serial number? I NEED the writing blotter divider, and when I find a case with one and the organizer in the top, I’m going to make a section divider where the foam pieces are that are on either side of your typewriter. I’ve been searching for about 3 years now.

    1. Nop, no markings at all, really. I have seen the same type in thrifts a few times since, though. Twice in black. Kinda wish I’d got those too.

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