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  1. Updated blog looks good, Ted! Sounds like you’ll be busy for a while, but do remember to take things easy.

  2. Blog: looking good!

    Database: a regular daily destination for me!

  3. Thanks for your great work with the Database, precious!
    I like the blog makeover.

  4. Blog looks great! It was dumb luck that I noticed my last milestone.

  5. I’ve got a claim on East Germany. ;D It’s just a matter of finding the time and being sufficiently bored to find entering in serial numbers more exciting than whatever else I’m doing.

    I’m excited about the downloads section!

    1. heh, I know the feeling. Try compiling a manufacturer that we have 8 or more sources for – all of whom subtly disagree with one another :D

      You’ve got whatever ones you feel like doing the research on, since you’ve certainly got the hang of it. Having blog posts from the compiler explaining the numbers in more detail is a great bonus when linked to the serial number page, and is a trend I’d like to see more of. Not only for the educational value, but because lots of high-relevancy cross-linking is really good for the Pagerank of both sites involved.

      More on why this is important in a future post – it relates to the thoughts Scott K. ruminated on recently. Suffice to say I have suspicions that the Database will soon be something of a behemoth hits generator for the blogs and sites linked with it. At least on my blog, the Database is second only to Organic Google searches for hits generation – and it’s grown to generate *twice* as many hits every month than the previous heavyweight champion, the Typosphere Blogroll itself.

  6. Nice work on the blog. I’m liking this high contrast look. Easy to read.

    As for the downloads section, I love the idea. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  7. Sweet design, really liking the flat design!
    Looking forward to the download functionality, you’re full of magic Ted :D

  8. Great work on the blog and the TWDB. Thanks Rev!

  9. Ooooh… that’s a whole new look! It’s looking great!

    Kudo’s for the TWDB work you’re doing! But don’t forget to take a little me-time once in a while. ;-)

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