Desk Cats

IMG_7662Ahh, desk cats, those curious felines who sit on your desk next to your typewriter and stare at you while you type, subtly shedding fur that gets into your segment and occasionally refusing to budge from your carriage return path.  Most are only a minor bother, and make up for it by being cute and friendly. But then most of them are fairly small…

deskcatbut sometimes they are of a size that can be a little more distracting while you type.

wefvbuiybvei34Pro: more effective as a guard cat.

Con: far more difficult to budge from carriage return path.

Updated: October 27, 2014 — 5:50 pm


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  1. That collar looks almost perfectly colour-coordinated with the QDL, Ted. And yes, cats have a knack for getting their fur into everything.

  2. Re: Cons – so probably it is wise that the guy in the photo uses some electric boat anchor but then – what makes a louder noise I wonder?

    1. I’m not so sure I’d be wantin’ to smack a lion in the chin with the Power Return on an electric desktop machine. I suspect that would cause a very loud noise indeed. (:

      1. I was thinking more golfball/daisy wheel type machine without carriage movement at all :)

        1. Yeah, in the 1970’s a Selectric 72 would have been around and would have been a good choice with such a large Desk Cat in the house. My cats like The Blue Bomber because it hums so comfortingly.

  3. Yikes! Fortunately, the only typewriter lion in my house is a British Empire one!

  4. Well if he got off that damn phone and patted the cat more often, the cat wouldn’t be trying to get up on the desk!

    1. Yes it would! It is waaaay more fun to be lying all over the papers next to the writer than to be padded at his/her feet.

      Mine prefer sleeping ON the machine though. Not as much fun. And makes it very difficult to write too.

  5. I’m going to have to dislodge Ruby from two of my machines for November. I need to replace them with lesser typers.
    Hilarious post!

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