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  1. Nice work, Ted! These Typewriter Repair 101 posts need to go in a separate section for easy retrieval by us mere morta-…never mind. I just looked up the page and to the left.

  2. I love the bend very gently part. I tried that on my SM4 with the space bar broblemafter cleaning. Out of frustration I tossed it on my scrap pile and it has been working fine ever since. Bending works wonders :)

    1. Heh, “Forming” is an important tool in the typewriter repairman’s lexicon. I had a carriage-grindy QDL that I took to MTE awhile back – Bill just grabbed the back of the carriage with both hands and started pulling upwards for a minute or so with a rocking motion. Wellah, fixed! Smooth as a baby’s bottom after that. :D

  3. Hmm… I wonder if I could gently bend a typebar linkage (on my Groma Kolibri) which is impeding the return arc of the typebar to the right of it? Knowing me I’d probably snap the thing off – which would solve the problem only to create a bigger one!

    1. Difference is its not meant to be adjusted!

    2. Typebar linkages are probably spring steel, which doesn’t “form”. Be cautious on that one. (:

  4. Just downloaded those SCM service manuals. Valuable stuff!!

  5. I remember talking to a Teletype technician in the 70’s about a particular model, and he replied “that was the first of our “bendadjust” series. He explained the previous machines had set screws and locknuts, and on the newer models you just bent the links at different points to adjust them. We thought they were cheaply made.

  6. “Its trip point”, not it’s.
    It’s important to keep the grammar and accuracy in typing correct. Thanks.

  7. This was exactly the post I needed. I got a Galaxie in the mail today and had to push hard on the spacebar to get it to move. Now, after five whole seconds of labor, it is spacing like it should. Easy adjustment. Thank you, thank you.

  8. Can anyonw help.. I have 2 adler tippas and they both have the same problem.
    When i type, the keys hit off the space bar cross bar. Why is this happenning? Is there a way to adjust this?
    Thanks in advance!

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