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  1. Though it’s missing a few letters, “Ooga blooga binhex frankfurter fries and a shake” might become my new “quick brown fox…”

    Nice $11 find.

    1. You forgot “blotto”, the result of which, in that particular incantation, would result in the summoning of an elderly boa constrictor and the strong whiff of a fetid cheese. One must be cautious with Black Typomancy.

  2. Do you know when change a type keys first appeared? I had the earlier 5E Super silent portable, and then, 3 or 4 years later, I bought an “office” model to get a wider carriage. It had the pull back ribbon cover, that pulled back over the keyboard. It did not come with a case, but it was not a true office model. I like that machine very much, but sold it to get an IBM Selectric. Wish I still had the SCM.

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