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  1. Zines have certainly waned since then, and what’s out there now reads much more like blogs. I didn’t happen to find “Crank” back then so thanks for this. I read “Answer Me!” and “Murder Can Be Fun” back in the day.

    1. Oh, speaking of reading, I just started “Please Stand By” by Ron Goulart, liking it so far, so thanks for the tip on him (:

  2. That typeface is BEE-YOOTIFUL!

    Tire iron? Didn’t know they had cars back then. ;)

    1. well, the account says “an iron bar”, so I took poetic liberties :D

  3. After leafing through Crank #5 (I printed out the word find for the kids), I started wondering what happened to Jeff Koyen – did he end up at the empty bottom of a bottle?

    I checked with the internet and found that Koyen mellowed a bit with the years – from his Wikipedia page:

    “Jeff Koyen is an American writer, editor and startup founder and CEO. According to The New York Times, ‘The face of web tech today could easily be a designer, like Brian Chesky at Airbnb, or a magazine editor, like Jeff Koyen at Assignmint.'”

    1. Heh, yeah, I saw that the other night. I loved his resignation letter from the New York Press over the “52 Funniest Things about the Upcoming Death of the Pope”:

      I guess we all survive and mellow. Good to see he still has the edge, though, and that he saw fit to stick around. :D

  4. Genesis:Grasp by Richard Meyers aka Richard hell in 1969-1972 used this font and was absolutely brilliant. I will try to upload photos when I can. It was mostly all compiled on an IBM Composer also using Univers, Bodoni Book, and I believe Press Roman. They were beautiful, I have all 6 issues and supplements but they are incredibly scarce.

    1. ooh, that would be interesting! BTW, I just now put up the article you wrote about your own journey getting your Composer fixed up, check it out! (:

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