The last links of the chain: TWDB updates for World, Boston, Garbell, Venus and Venus Portable!

Yep that chain from yesterday still had a few links to forge. It’s noted that the Victor Index is sometimes grouped with the World index, as both were made in Boston at about the same time. Because it was mentioned and needed to be linked, I made a page:

TWDB-worldThen, because a name variant of the World is often confused with the Boston, I had to make a page for that:

TWDB-bostonHaving exhausted those links, I then moved back to the end of the chain, re Mr. Garbell, the designer of the Victor Portable for Victor Adding Machine Co. It was teased on that page that he had other machines under his belt, and now they have pages. The Garbell:

TWDB-garbelland the direct predecessor of the Victor Portable, The Venus:

TWDB-venusportableAnd, once I found out that there was *another* Venus, briefly made in Germany, I had to make a page for that and rename the “Venus” to the “Venus Portable”:

TWDB-venusGermanThat about does it for the ends of that chain (I think), and while I think I could tease out some interesting threads in the middle, I may take a bit of time to gear up for the next updates. It’s been an exhausting dig.. (:

Updated: August 1, 2016 — 5:53 pm


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  1. Wow.

    Very nice idea, by the way, to have illustrations of the various models right next to the other data.

  2. I like it. Illustrations and information.

  3. Nice one Ted, from a grateful typosphere.

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