1958 Remington-Rand Quiet-Riter Eleven – The 2016 Typewriter Hunting Season continues

2016-08-12-a IMAG1846 2016-08-12-b 2016-08-12-cIMAG18372016-08-12-d IMAG1838 2016-08-12-eIMAG1848There’s still a bit of pitting left behind by the mold that shows up in flash photographs. Maybe a bit of buffing compound might fix that. Flash photography also reveals that the keys are slightly different shades of green .. randomly. thankfully, neither of these things is apparent in normal light.

2016-08-12-f IMAG1839 IMAG1841 IMAG1842 IMAG1845 2016-08-12-g

Actually, now that I ponder it, I believe this is the *third* Quiet-Riter I’ve found in a thrift this year. I bought two, but the one I saw a couple months ago looked like it had been thrown off a cliff. So heartbreaking I couldn’t even take pics or get a serial number off it..IMAG1847 2016-08-12-h IMAG1840 typesampleQR111958 Remington-Rand Quiet-Riter Eleven #QR3603251 @ TWDB

Updated: August 12, 2016 — 11:38 pm


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  1. I got rid of mine because of its poor finish, fungus on the paint finish itself, and its small Elite typeface. That’s a nicer one for sure. I’ve avoided putting isopropyl alcohol on key-tops because I had a fear it might take the shine off. Unfounded?

    1. unfounded on these keys at least. all that’s really left behind is the pitting from where the fungus grew.

    2. Well, just got a nearly simliar brother of that thing.Th QR is one of my favourite machines, hardly to get here in europe.This machine is in typing action quite close to a Jermes 3000, so a good and affortale alternative to that thing.
      Now 3 QR living with me, 2 american made and on built in the UK with a foldable lever.

  2. I’ve had one of these, and gave it to a relative. Pretty good machine, actually.

    Off-thread, but I’ll be attending the Phoenix type-in next week. See you there?

    1. You will? of course I’m going to be there. Be nice to finally meetcha (:

  3. Nice score, Ted! And thanks for the tip about removing the key fungus. I have a newly acquired Tower Chieftain with the same stuff on a few keys.
    I liked my Quiet-Riter when I had it, but I sold it because I have two Olympia SMs and the SC Silent Super that I felt had a nicer typing action. Also, the whole ribbon changing process on Remingtons didn’t thrill me.
    I will say, though, it was a nice typer. If I didn’t have the two Olympias, I probably would have kept the Remington.

  4. I had a Royal Heritage Deluxe with that white schmutz on the keys, the alcohol took the gloss off the key tops. So I used Armor All cleaning wipes on the key tops, and did the Q-Tip alcohol trick on the sides of the keys. Worked great.

  5. Oh yeah! And it types well, too.

  6. It’s been a poor season up here, glad you are still making finds.

  7. I recently was gifted with a Remington Quiet-Riter made in 1953 or ’54, according to your database — but I can’t find an exact match for my serial # QR2702364. Would you please help?

    1. April, 1954. the prefix can be QT or QR.

      1. THANKS, Ted! I’ve always wanted a typewriter made in the year I was born. This one was made a month before. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  8. That’s a nice machine. And this site looks different than the last time I was here. I almost didn’t recognize it.

    Like I said, I’ve been out of the loop, which means I also haven’t visited anyones site in quite a while. Seems to me like you’ve gone into full buy and sell mode, eh? I did that for a while, too. Man, I think my work studio had boxes of typewriters halfway to the ceiling. Finally, I got so busy with my regular work that I figured I’d better clear things out and take a break. Thus far, I haven’t jumped back in the game. But it was fun while it lasted. Are you doing this full time now?

    1. nah, still just a hobby. I sell via consignment at the local typewriter shop so my typewriter guy gets a cut. Prolly move maybe half a dozen a year, but it helps to keep me below 50 units (usually) and helps support my local 3rd generation repairman. Since it usually costs me under $20 to get a machine, I still can double my money and have cash for the next wayward homeless typer. An additional benefit is the fact that I never have to ship anything. No postal horror stories on my conscience. (:

  9. I assume that when you shift the / you get a question mark (?)

  10. Help, please. I just bought a Remington Q-R 11 at an estate sale.
    1. Where can I find the serial number?
    2. It was missing the ribbon and spool tops. I was able to attach a ribbon and wind it manually. Do I need the spool tops?

  11. Home made cleaning solution that works great on both keys and crinkle finish – makes one pint:

    1 oz. Mr. Clean
    2 oz. Ammonia
    13 oz. water

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