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  1. The Coronet’s especially attractive. How do is compare to the Galaxy 12 in terms of typing feel? :)

    1. well, the Coronet is electric, so the touch is like any other 5 or 6 series electric like the 5TE. I really like typing on Coronets. (:

  2. I like the crowded look too. That’s not a bad price for a working Selectric III!

  3. No matter what you think of Selectrics (I think they are a lot of fun), you’ll have to admit they produce fine looking text. They’re a favorite of my kids, they love to watch the spastic golf ball jitterbug its way across the page…

  4. $12.99! You have a moral obligation to buy any typewriter at that price.

    Interesting to see the repairman in 1983 providing the “backing sheet” advice that has been going around the typosphere for years.

    By the way, congratulations on approaching 6,000 machines on TWDB. There are still some models we’re looking for; for instance, I just heard from someone who has a Smith-Corona “Deluxe Twelve,” not listed.

  5. I have a Galaxy 12 in exactly that same color. Nice typer. And I also have a Coronet Automatic 12, but different color scheme. Those electrics Smith-Corona are fun to type on, and the carriage return is “dramatic.”

  6. No excuse necessary. Nice to know there are still some working Selectrics out there. I couldn’t have passed it up either for that price.

  7. Your typing examples of the two Smith-Coronas sure demonstrate the superiority of electric over manual for consistent even impressions. That’s why I prefer electrics for almost any use….if their is a working plug nearby.

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