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  1. Ted, you might try some “self-copying” paper in it. It is similar to NCR paper, except all of the chemicals are on the surface of one sheet. Pressure on the paper causes the micro capsules to break and the chemical mix and produce an image. That’s what is used for duplicates in check books. It has gotten pretty expensive, I think the last ream I bought was around $32, double what it used to be. I have a Sharp that I can’t get ribbons to fit; I should try it in it.

  2. Truly an amazing gadget. Faster than I expected!

  3. Thanks for the vids- I never heard of the critter until you began posting about it. Very cool.

  4. What an interesting machine! I now want to know more. 😊

  5. Neat little Brother. I still do not know if I want to part with the cost of the one I found on Ebay.

  6. What a wonderfully quirky little thing. Thank you for the videos – I was having problems imagining how it produced its fun scrawl. That’s a keeper.

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