TMTRB: Update!

Hey, look what the mailman brought today!

The first proofing copy, hot off the press. I estimate another two weeks or so for edits and mailing time for the final proof – then RELEASE! You’ll be able to get your own copy by mid February, I think.

Yes, that’s the Book for me!
I Stand alone on the Word of Jones,

Then also, there’s these – currently first proofs are in production. Should arrive within a week or so..

Excited? :D

Updated: January 24, 2017 — 8:03 pm


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  1. Looks like a great book. I can”t wait to order my copy.

  2. That’s a bible worth thumpin’!

  3. Are you going to tell us how to order our copies?

    1. Yep, sure will – in a week or two when they’re ready (:

      It’ll be print-on-demand from Lulu. Probably all three will come out around the same time in early-mid February.

  4. Are these repurposing of the Ames Manuals?

    1. It’s a compilation of the OAMI manual (of which the 1946 AMES manual is also a reprint), plus sections from other training manuals and catalogs contemporary to it. some stuff from Royal, Shipman-Ward, AMES and other sources.

  5. That’s great! Just what I’ve wanted for a long time. Put me down for a copy.

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