Tabulatin’ My Bibles

Joe Van Cleave recently came up with a good idea in this post, where he does a little “Let’s use this to fix something” review of the recently released Smith-Corona Floating Shift Typewriter Repair Bible. That idea was adding tabbed dividers to the sections of the book to split up the sections for easy access. I’d already done this to my leather-bound copy of The Manual Typewriter Repair Bible, but that was easy because I’d already cut off the coil binding and 3-hole drilled the book to fit in the leather binder, so adding tabbed dividers was just a matter of inserting them in the right spots:

But suppose you don’t want to cut the coil binding off? Is there a way to add tabs then? Yes:

well, the first two I put on wrong, too far out – but no matter, they still work fine. (:

Updated: September 6, 2017 — 7:46 pm


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  1. Hi Reverend,
    Is it possible to order an E-version of your bible?

    1. Well, you can get raw off-the-glass scans of the adjustment manuals as PDFs through the Sellfy store, if that’s all you need:

      However, the Bible is a compilation of those scans, cleaned up and reorganized/renumbered, plus a bunch of other collected relevant material for that specific line of machines, as a high-quality coil-bound workshop manual. Basically, you can choose between the basic and deluxe versions, whichever works for you. (:

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