Contractor’s Clipboards for On-The-Go Typists

Yeah, I’ve got a thing for nifty compartmented clipboards that contractors use to carry around their paperwork. They’re perfect for the on-the go typist too! I keep one in my typewriter bug-out bag, and a few others loaded with supplies to grab anytime I need my paper, typing supplies and a handy writing table all in one convenient package. Highly recommended, I see them all the time at thrift stores for $2-3. Get one (or three)!

My big 2-compartment aluminum clipboard. safely stores spare paper, plus whatever completed sheets I have, correction tabs, pencils, bulldog clip and eraser.

My thinner, single-compartment aluminum clipboard. Stores paper and one pencil, and has a divider that acts as a second compartment for already typed papers. Thin & light, but only about 40 page storage capacity.

Common design in plastic, single compartment with built-in handle. Good capacity and nicely compartmented areas for pens & stuff.

Updated: June 8, 2017 — 12:18 pm


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  1. If you could somehow bolt the lot to the bottom or top of a typewriter case–or find a typewriter small enough to sit on top of that–you’d have a totally portable office. I love this, Ted!

    1. Ha! I was just eyeing my Lettera 22 and noticing that it was about the right size to fit on that plastic one with the handle without blocking the handle, if I pull the clip off. Could drill 4 holes in the lid of that thing, pull off the L22’s feet and use the mounting screws to attach the L22 to the lid of the clipboard. :D

      hmmn, would want washers, though..

  2. I see in my future a new collection of thrift store purchases. Thank you, Ted, for enabling my disease! But at least now I have someone to blame it on, when my wife eventually notices the dozen or two clipboards around the house. ;)

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