Happy Typewriter Day! Now Turn your Bibles to Chapter…

Happy World Typewriter Day!

It warms the cockles to see the celebration of this day spread the globe. No longer does the world require seed agency – the people are WOKE and events now spring up like fairy circles in the morning mist. The largest living organism in the world is not a Kraken, it’s the Blue Mountain Honey Fungus. This holds a lesson in how a movement grows strong – start underground. (:

This sort of this is everywhere now!

Hey, maybe  today would be a good day to tinker with one of your misbehavin’ machines – I know I’ll be working on one of the books to help you do just that today, maybe the IBM Model A & B one…

The Sweet 16 so far…

The 1912-1923 one is giving me fits, still something wrong with the mechanical layout I’ve got to fix – but we’ll have that series going strong pretty soon. I started at 1909 with Mares and am slowly working both forward and backwards from there, rebuilding a cheap paperback reprint library of the earliest Typewriter History texts. Once the 1904-1906 book is out, I’ll probably start on the monster 1924 volume. A lotta typewriter history got written down in 1924, so that could take awhile.

And now, more pictures of people and Bibles. Get some!

One of the proofs for this week.

Hmmn, not bad for a Google scan.

whoops! there’s where it goes sideways. a page missing, and now all the inside pages are outside.

for the rest of the book. *sigh* well, at least it’s an easy fix…

This’n also in proof.

Also not bad for a Google scan. They greyscale images, at least. text is usually bitmapped to save space, resulting in some brokenness in letters.

yep, looks pretty good..

I’ll actually need to run out a new version of this too – some of the pages sit a little low in the margin and will need to be fixed. always running into something when I try new size/formats.

Color-coded spine stripes! Wish I could do that with the workshop books, but, you know, coil bind.. /:

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  1. I’m looking forward to the Oliver one for sure. Find any other companys who did that sort of stuff?

    1. I’m sure they all did. I do know that Oliver produced at least 10 volumes of the bound “Bulletin” (1 year per “volume”, 2 volumes per book, so at least 5 books). Keep an eye out (:

      I’m certain that I’m really just scratching the surface of what existed. there’s probably loads of unknown books out there needing to be uncovered.

  2. Happy Typewriter Day!
    I see I need to invest in a few more books. May be awhile though. We are still not settled into our new house.

  3. I just remembered, that after high school typing, I wanted to buy the book. Maybe we didn’t get all the way through it. With some difficulty I got them to sell me a copy. Now, I wonder where it is?

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